Thanks a TON for coming out and braving the Arizona Monsoons this last weekend at The Blooze Bar and at The Goathead Saloon!!! We had a blast with you!!!!!  Terashian has a Month or so OFF while Lance heads out on tour with Bang Tango!!! He will be playing with Ted Poley from Danger Danger on bass as well, so it's gonna be a HUGE party! Check him out when he comes to a town near you!

Tevis, Mikee and I remain home in Phoenix, and we will be working on some new TERASHAIN originals for the next CD, as well as some new Cover tunes, and new tunes for the Wildfire project as well.

Stay tuned right here to for all the latest!!!

AND, thanks again for all of your support! We just can't believe how lucky we are to be doing this after so many years, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, that YOU still come out and party with us!!! We love you for that.

See ya soon,


Big weekend for Terashain fans!

Hello there, FRIENDS!!!!

We hope your summer is going GREAT!!! Typically, summertime in Phoenix isn't a great time for the Rock bars, mostly due to the fact that so many people get outta town to beat the heat!  BUT, we have been very blessed with some amazing friends, and fans and our crowds have been doing better than expected, and better than what we have been able to draw usually in the Summer.  I'm hopeful that our next set of shows will be NO exception!  We are bringing you a TERASHAIN weekend!!! We will be rocking at our home base, The Blooze Bar on Friday July 19th, and then we will head out to Mesa to jam at the amazing Goathead Saloon!!! This is gonna be a great weekend for us, and we promise to make it one helluva a party - BOTH NIGHTS!!!!! Come on out, and lets have some fun before Lance heads out on the road with Tango for the entire month of August!

See you all there!!!!


Benefit at the Blooze raises good money...

Hey ALL!  

Just a quick not to THANK you all for attending the Dan Lancelot Kidney benefit at The Blooze this last weekend!  The event was able to raise more than $2000 in an effort to get Dan a new Kidney!  The money is much needed, and I know that the entire family THANKS you all for your generosity!  PLOWD took the stage first and lit up the crowd... 5 SPEED took the stage and NAILED IT... Then TERASHAIN surprised the crowd with a rare acousic set with covers and Tshain originals mixed, and the night ended with MR. HYDE and the big guitar drawings!! Everyone had a great time, and GOOD PEOPLE really came thru for Dan and family!


See you all at The Blooze on March 1st!

Love always,


You always come thru for us...

Hey ALL...

Our show at the Blooze Bar on Friday was AMAZING!  You all reacted as we pulled out some tunes that we hadn't played in quite a while - Metallica "For Whom the Bell Tolls/Master of Puppets", Dokken "It's Not Love", White Zombie "Electric Head" all went over especially well, and they were a kick to play also.  We are working hard to beef up our following...If you know anyone who may be interested in following this kind of band, please sent them to this site and have them enter their email addy so that I can send them out our show information.  Or, refer them to our facebook site:  Also, send us a line to let us know what YOU want to hear at the next Terashain show!!!!!

Thanks for coming out to the Blooze and rocking with us all night long!  And, GREAT Costumes! Way to go...

Good times!


BIG show this Friday night...

Yo Ghosts and Goblins!!!

Make sure you make plans to get out to The Blooze Bar this Friday night, October 26th!  Wear your costume and walk home with some cool TERASHAIN STUFF!!!  We will be rocking out to your favorite bands from the 80s and 90s... We've got Metallica, Journey, Def Leppard, Stone Temple Pilots, Megadeth, Velvet Revolver, Billy Idol, Styx, White Zombie, ZZ Top, Motorhead, Van Halen and SO many more!! Party starts at 9:30 and goes all night until you drop, or WE drop!!! No Cover Charge, so it's the best damn deal in town.  Pick up your copy of TERASHAIN "Live at Club Red" while you're there!  For more details, go to the 'shows' page on this site!  You'll even find a map right to it.  Thanks FRIENDS!

We will see you this Saturday!

Love to you and yours...


Interview Complete! (Airing on Tuesday along with 3 tunes!)...

YES!  Roger and Mikee sat down and did a long distance Skype interview this morning with ARfm "Live and Loud" host, Paul Nicholls!  The session went GREAT, and you are sure to hear some really cool stuff when it airs Tuesday, October 16th at 1pm our time...

Paul is also going to continue to play songs from Terashain's "Dawns Early Life" CD!  Don't forget, if you STILL don't have your copy of this CD (where in the HELL have you been?!?! LOL!), then you can head on over to iTunes, Amazon, or and get ANY or ALL of our CD's!  Thanks for your support, and we hope you all enjoy the show on Tuesday... If you need the link to the station, you'll find it right over THERE to the right of this column.. ARfm radio!


Thanks again, FRIENDS!


Interview to air this coming Tuesday on ARfm UK radio....


Our interview with Paul Nicholls from ARfm should air this on his show "Live and Loud", which is Tuesday (Oct. 16th) at 1pm.  We were not able to get it done last week in time for his show, so we will be wrapping that up this Saturday in order for it to air on Tuesday.  We hope you will use the link below, or over to the right, to tune in and listen!

Thanks for your support!

Love ya...


Terashain to be featured on United Kingdom Internet Radio...

Yo PEEPS!!! How are ya all doing this fine October day?  We hope very well! Thanks for droppin in...

Just wanted to let you all know about a pretty cool event happening this week for Terashain... We made a new friend in the United Kingdom!  Paul Nicholls hosts a show called "Live and Loud" on U.K. Radio Station ARfm.  We have hooked up with him and he will be featuring our songs and a possible interview on Tuesday, October 9th at 1pm (AZ time).  Paul and I (Rog) have been sending facebook and emails back and forth this week, and it seems that Paul has taken a shining to the band!  We are very excited for this opportunity, and hoping that Paul's fans will soon become fans of Terashain!  Click on the banner below to go the ARfm site where you can listen live to the station... Great tunes played on there!

Thanks ALL!! Hope you get the chance to listen!

Much love,





What a night....

Ok, so ya'all know how to throw a party when the chips are DOWN! The benefit we just played over the weekend at The Blooze Bar (Homeless animal shelter) was AMAZING!!! Our buddy Becky Bell did a great job putting it all together...

The night started with Cry Baby opening the show... WHAT A GREAT BAND! Our buddy Scott Sobieski (singer who used to be with Wall Street) was just outstanding.  This is the first chance I've had to see Cry Baby live, and I think I screamed between every song... I was afraid I would have nothing left to sing Terashain songs when the time came!  Great live band, with such a cool twist on their song selections (Dancing Queen by ABBA!!!! all rocked out...)... Scott and crew just did an amazing job getting the crowd all pumped up... It turns out I wen't to ASU with their bass player Dave, and haven't seen him in quite a while.. What a great guy.

Then, my buddy Steve Favela (ROCK STAR STEVE!) took the stage with Lit Up, and just ROCKED IT! I really enjoyed their slamming 80's set, including Skid Row's "Piece of Me".... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that song.  What a great band...

Then, our turn.  Mike Carnicom back on drums!!!! YEAH! We had so much fun, and Angry Jon was feeding me shots all night, so I really don't remember all of our set, but I know I had a great time! We started out with Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" and hit some originals and danceable cover's... Angry Jon came up and rocked "Aint Talkin Bout Love"... Good times....

Thanks to everyone that made it out for this great cause... Looking forward to booking us a bit more now that we have our brother Mikee back on board.

Stay tuned...

Talk soon,


Yep. It's OFFICIAL!!!!

Hello Friends!!!!! Are you sitting down?  Of course you are, you're at your computer! ANYWAY, I just wanted to drop the news RIGHT HERE on the official TERASHAIN website:  MIKE CARNICOM (Mikee!) is OFFICIALLY the OFFICIAL drummer for Terashain!!!!!!!  This has always been his home, and we have not quite been the same without him.  And now he's BACK!

So now what, you ask?  Well we had a great practice today, and a meeting afterward, and decided to start writing tunes for TERASHAIN again!!!! Yeah, it's been way too long, and it's time to move that bad boy forward.  Please join us this Saturday night at The Blooze for the return of MIKEE back into the rhythm section of Terashain, right where he BELONGS!!!!!! (Shows page for more details...)

And, while your here to get the scoop, pop on in to the box on the right and enter your email addy so that we can keep you posted on ALL THINGS TERASHAIN!!!!

WELCOME HOME, Mikee.  We love ya.




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