All kinds of New Stuff...

Yo Dudes and Dudettes, How goes it? Life is good around here. Had a short practice last night with the guys, and it's sounding GREAT. Those of you that have followed us around for a while will really be surprised at some of the tunes we are covering. I'm digging the diversity. And, not only are we going to uncover a new TERASHAIN in October, but we've got new toys. Don't ya just love new toys? Especially musical stuff? We just added to the PA (a new Allen/Heath mixing board for you gearheads), and it's boosted our total sound by about 30%, in quality AND volume. Love it! And I'm getting a new Shure wireless mic! This thing actually searches out the cleanest channel to use. Easy. I like that. It's a SM58Beta (again for gearheads) and it's magic powers will make it so that I NEVER sing off key again. Yeah, right. I wonder how much somehting like THAT would cost me? Also, I'm really getting the hang of some of this website stuff, so I've been busy making additions to the site. If you go check out the Music page, you'll find EVERY song we've ever recorded, with a small story behind the song-writing, the full lyrics for each tune, a couple of options for listening to each tune, and you can even download 3 of them for FREE. There is also a Snocap store there if you wish to purchase downloads from "Dawns Early Life". Also updated is the TERASHAIN store. You can pick up everything from CD's to shirts to a logo decal, and pay for it all using Visa or PayPal. Thanks for all of you that are signing the guestbook. It makes it kinda like MySpace with comments, and we look forward to reading those. Got a ton of new links posted. All of the band MySpace pages, bar pages, and our friends in other bands that we know and suppport. And speaking of suppport, thank YOU. Thanks for all of your patience while we put this band thing under construction and bring you something new. And, as always, thanks so much for your support of this band over the years. You're good friends, and we appreciate you. Talk to you soon, Rog/TERASHAIN

Help us find Cool Venues!

Hey Gang! How's everything? We miss you, and can't wait to get back out there. We are looking for some suggestions from our friends and fans. It's that time of year to start booking shows for 2008, and your assistance is needed! We want to know where you want to see us play. There are a few criteria about the club that must be met in order for us to fit in - First, they must book the band for the WHOLE weekend. There is a new trend out there to book the band for one weekend night, and it's simply too much work to set all of this up for ONE four hour show. Second, It has to be in a location that is far enough away from any of our existing venues as to not take away any of their businees when we are playing. In other words, we don't want to book at the competitors place - not if we wish to continue playing the club we have an existing relationship with! LOL... and Third, it has to have a stage big enough for our 5-piece arena-like kick-ass ROCK SHOW! If you think you know of a cool location, please e-mail me at ALSO, since we are already putting you to work, could you drop us a line and let us know what favorite cover tune you would like for us to play. We are gaining GREAT momentum in expanding the list, but YOU are the ones that matter to us. Let us know what your fav popular ROCK cover is. Thanks for your help, FRIENDS! We are looking forward to partying with you in October. We miss you all HUGE! Take care, Rog/TERASHAIN

Additions to this site...

Yo Dudes and Dudettes... I'm having a damn good time being able to add my own updates to this site. The new (finished) site will be like that as well. I'm pretty much a computer idiot, so Dave Hassie is helping to get us a site that will be easy to change. Go and check out all of the pics posted on the Photo page. We have posted a bunch of TERASHAIN original tunes in Music, and you'll find some interesting Links as well. Things are going very well in rehearsals for the "OVERHAUL" Party in October. We think you will appreciate all of the changes we are making. We hope you are having a good Monsoon Season, even though it really hasn't rained enough. Take care, and please go sign our Guestbook! See you soon, Rog/TERASHAIN

Temporary New Site

Hey Gang! Welcome to the temporary while we get the new site designed! We wanted to let you know right away that we have had to cancel some shows - all August and September shows have been chopped so that we can bring you an all new "OVERHAUL" show in October at The Blooze. We call this an OVERHAUL party because we will be doing at least 20 new cover tunes and we will be jamming with new guitarist Casey Weaver... It brings a whole new dimension to our sound, and it's GREAT! Plan to come check us out and party with us. Have a great weekend, and we will talk to you soon. Stay safe... Rog/TERASHAIN

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