Benefit Concert for homeless pets...

Hey ALL!!

We are so proud to be teaming up with our brothers from Lit Up, and Cry Baby on Saturday, August 18th for a benefit concert to assist the Mavyn Orgs Animal Rescue!  Come out and ROCK IT with your favorite bands! There will be a 50/50 drawing with some pretty cool prizes.... The show will be held at The Blooze Bar, and you can find more information on the SHOWS page of this site! One of my favorite things about this show....MIKEE CARNICOM WILL BE BACK ON DRUMS!!! YEAH!

ALSO, help us get the word out... If you are on the Terashain e-mail list, and you are interested in staying on the list, please enter your email addy and fill out the short form (located on the right hand side of this website)... EVEN IF YOU HAVE DONE THIS ALREADY, please do it again.  I have been using my home email account to dish out this stuff, but my web server has come up with a really cool way to send out emails, and I'm switching to this system.  Please take a few seconds to fill out the form, and you will be SIGNED UP and ready! 

Thanks, FRIENDS! We love ya.  We miss ya.  And we can't wait to see ya!!!!!


June 8th Blooze show the first for TERASHAIN in a while...

Hey ALL...

As most of you know, all of the members of TERASHAIN have been keeping a low profile with the band, but we have been very busy individually!  We want you to know that we ARE still VERY much together, and working on writing songs for the next Terashain CD.  

Our shows are few and far between, but we want you to know that we do miss you all, and cannot wait to have our party at The Blooze Bar on June 8th!  Our good friend Dawn Reilly will be celebrating her 21st Birthday (again, and again) and we are gonna give her a helluva BASH!  Drummer Scott Wilson, formerly of Lit Up, will be hitting the skins.... Come out and hear your favorite Arena Rock covers and Terashain originals, AND pick up your copy of the newest Terashain CD "Live at Club Red".... WE will be running a special on the new CD along with some of the new shirts: $12 each, or 2 for $20!!! Get a CD and a shirt for just $20!!! These things are all selling very fast, and won't be around forever, so come out to the show, and pick up your TERASHIAN SWAG!  We will be accepting Cash AND most major Credit and Debit cards!  WE love ya, and we can't wait to see you all!

ALSO, our friends FILL THE SILENCE will be taking the stage at 12:30pm after Terashian, so come and stay for a while and check them out.  The Blooze is located at 32nd St./Cactus Rd. in Phoenix.  There will be a $2 cover at the door.

See you all THERE!


"Live at Club Red" available on for download!

Thats right!  You can now download Terashain's new CD "Live at Club Red" on!  And, coming soon.... iTunes! Stay tuned!

Love ya all...


Just Unbelievable.

Yep.  That's what YOU are.  Just Unbelievable.  I just can't believe that we have been ALLOWED to stand up on stage and play our songs for you while you stand in front of us, rocking out, listening, and SINGING it all back to us FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS!!!

I'm humbled, appreciative, and I love you.  That's right, I said it! I LOVE YOU!!! I'm not one of those guys afraid of commitment.  I'm committed to you!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

What a fun show.  Just a BLAST from beginning to end... And Mikee Carnicom ROCKED IT!!!! Thanks Mikee for helping us out, you know you always have a home with us... 

Thanks for coming out and buying the new CD, and the new Tshirt!  If you need more, you will be able to buy them online right here on the site, or drop me a line from this site and we can make arrangements to get together.  ALSO, the new CD "Live at Club Red" will be available on iTunes and this WEEK! Yea!

Thanks again for your incredible support!

Talk soon...


Freedom certainly does NOT come free...

Hello Terashain Family...

As most of you already know, today marks the one year anniversary that Dustin Feldhaus (Niki's son, and Lance's stepson) gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country in Afghanistan.  While we are all still reeling from this tragedy, I think it's so important to remember those EVERYWHERE in the Armed Forces that risk life and limb for us all each and every day.

I know I share with all of you the thoughts and prayers for Dustin's family and friends today, and every day.  In time, may the tears turn to smiles as we remember such an amazing American Hero, and what he did for us all.

God Bless this amazing country, and the families of these fine soldiers.



Tickets for CD Release Party...


You can get your tickets in advance for $15 at  

We will also be offering our new 20th Anniversary Tshirts at the show.  The "Terashain - Live at Club Red" CD will be on sale that night as well.  If any of you want to get a CD or a Tshirt earlier than the show, send me a message and we will try to work it out... I know some people have said that they want to wear their shirts to the show, and I think that is cool as HELL! We will do what we can to get them to ya....

We have decided to sell each item for $12, but you can also get two for $20... two CD's, a CD and a shirt, etc...  We will be able to take your credit/debit cards that night as well, so if you are like me, and you NEVER have cash, NO WORRIES! We got ya covered!

AND, don't forget... MIKEE CARNICOM back for this show!!!!! Come out and PARTY WITH US!!!!

Love to ya all...


Terashain - Live at Club Red, AND a familiar face behind the beat...

HELLO FRIENDS!!! How the hell are ya??!

Man, OH MAN, are we looking forward to hanging out with you at the Bang Tango show on April 7th, at Club Red!!! We will be opening the show on the Red Owl side of the club... AND we will be celebrating the release of our new CD "Terashain - Live at Club Red"!!!!! YEAH, it's been a long time in the making, but it's finally here, and some of YOU are on it!!! I've been listening to the mixes trying to find out who is who with the screams and I've definitely got some of you picked out! Way cool.

The CD will contain 12 tracks recorded live at Club Red in March and September of 2010.  We left it pretty much EXACTLY as we play live... with mistakes and all!!! We just don't believe in doctoring it all up in a studio so that it really isn't a live CD at all. Hell, we embrace our mistakes!  That's part of what makes US, US!!!!!

The CD will be $12 and available at Club Red that night.  THIS IS GONNA BE A HUGE CD RELEASE PARTY! DON'T MISS IT!

You can get your tickets in advance at Club Red's website.

But wait, there is more... much more....

JQ has recently left the band to pursue his other ventures, and we wish him the absolute best, in fact we hope you all support him by going and seeing Chemicals of Democracy whenever you can!

SO, GUESS who's coming to play for us for this show??..... OK, I'll tell ya...

MIKEE CARNICOM is back for this show!!! We are very excited to be playing with Mike again... Once again, YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!!

Keep tuned in right here to for all of the latest!

We will see you April 7th!

"A Soldiers Song" by Shotgun Poets...

Hello Friends!

Roger here, from Terashain!

Just wanted to share with all of you Terashain fans the video that accompanies the song that Lance and I wrote for Lances stepson, Dustin Feldhaus.  Dustin was killed almost a year ago in Afghanistan.  Lance and I have been involved in a writing project called SHOTGUN POETS for a while now, and we just really wanted to pay tribute to our hero, Dustin, as well as ALL of the Warriors of America!  The video has been posted to the home page of this site.  Please take a look at it, and join us in celebrating Veterans and Military personnel everywhere!

RIP Dustin.  Every night my family prays....

Thanks ALL!


New show posted...

Hey Friends...

Just added a new show to the calendar!  We will be opening the Bang Tango show on Saturday, April 7th at Club Red.  I will post more details about this show in the next few weeks.  Line up the sitter, and make some plans to head out to party with us!

Talk soon...


Welcome to Wildfire AND Shotgun Poets!

Hello FRIENDS!!!!

We just wanted to drop you all a quick note to let you know that TERASHAIN's alter ego band, WILDFIRE will be playing TONIGHT at the City of Glendale's Chocolate Affaire! The show starts at 5pm and goes until 6:30 and is FREE! This is a Family event put on by the city and it promotes Valentines Day... Come out and give your sweetie some sweets and hear some of your favorite acoustic songs of the 70's and 80's!.... More information at

ALSO, Lance and Roger from Terashain have their own side writing project called SHOTGUN POETS!  They have been accumulating songs to be added to their demo portfolio.  They just recently completed a video for their Military Tribute to Dustin Feldhaus called "A Soldiers Story".  This video is on YouTube and all over Facebook, and now they are posting it here for Terashain fans! You can contact Shotgun Poets on Facebook.

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