This tune ROCKS live. Love it.




Pristine girl, head full of curls

I’m used to loving her for days

She said, “I’m home alone,

I’m tired of the phone

And I’m looking for a better way

What went wrong, my memory’s gone

They said my blood is on her gate

My life is such a mess, that’s what the doctor says

Institution couldn’t set me straight


Just put your foot out on the limb

Let go, you know you’re wild like wind


Voices calling me, demons I don’t see

They’re telling me to set the place ablaze

Just like a high pitch scream

Sneaking in my dreams

I’m living in an endless maze

Jekyll and Hyde, the killer inside

Is coming for me any day

 I see her face, heaven and lace

Innocence in every gase


Sometimes I’m hanging by a thread

Her voice is spinning in my head



They call me crazy


No more control


My vision’s hazy


Losing my soul


What’s in store, don’t know anymore

My head is heavy like a ton

They’re calling me names, placing the blame

Jury eyes in everyone

Living in tears, all of my fears

Have now become realities

Pain and rage, put me in a cage

Lock it up and hide the key