Quarter After Midnight



A daydream about vampires and their twisted nature led to this. Love how it kicks in LIVE. Those funky vocals in the chorus were fun to record, too.



You’ll feel euphoric, one night with me

There’s no name for it, surrounded mystery

You can’t feed me, you shouldn’t even try

Not completely, all your veins are dry

It’s the thrill of the chase

Bringing you to this place

It’s all a part of the plan

So put your soul to the test

And wander into the nest

I’ll work as fast as I can


With wings on my side, I swear I could fly

Like a soul release ride, a spirit in the sky

Injected history, like a planted seed

Tried to cut me, but I will never bleed

Over thousands of years

It’s the darkest of fears

Behind a delicate kiss

And I think that you’ll find

I’m not entirely blind

I will consider your wish


Meet me at Quarter after midnight

Feed your soul to me

You’ll see me at Quarter after midnight

It’s your destiny

Relieve me at Quarter after midnight

Let me fulfill your need

And then leave me at quarter after midnight

I’ll make you plead and bleed


Miles I cover, only at night

I’ll be your brother after every bite

Absorb my power under your skin

Crucial hour, let the spirits begin

In your deepest of dreams

It’s as real as it seems

No one can harbor your fears

So step away from the light

Now it’s that time of the night

The demons call for your tears, OH!