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AC/DC Site! Balls out, straight up, fist-in-the-air ROCK!

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AEROSMITH - The Official site of one of Rock-n-Rolls biggest Icon bands... and still rockin after all those years...

THE BEATLES official website. The CREATORS of melodic tones colliding with rock music. Inspiration to multiple generations, and millions of music lovers. GREAT stuff, now and forever.

billy joel
The official site for BILLY JOEL. Once his tunes get in your head, they are there to stay for the day. What a great song-writer!

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BON JOVI Official Site - Can these guys crank out the hits, or what? Another band that delivers an ass-kicking, good ole fashioned ROCK show LIVE. Currently on tour supporting their latest CD, The Circle.

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BOSTON Official Site - Just great MUSIC! I'll always be envious of Brad Delp for hitting those highs. RIP, brad, and thanks for inspiring us... The band still tours with the help of Michael Sweet (Stryper) on vocals, and it's still an amazing show.

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Official DEF LEPPARD site - One of the most solid and energetic bands I've ever seen live. They never disappoint, and they are still very active in making new music.

The official DOKKEN website. These guys are still rockin' live, and putting out some good new stuff.

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The EAGLES Official site - How can you argue with great vocal harmonies like that? Still flying strong.

ELTON! You'd better believe this guys music has had a huge influence on the way I write. He and Bernie Taupin have created some of the most incredible pieces. Timeless classics, each and every one.

FIREHOUSE site! I really dig these guys - great melodic songs, C.J. has this killer voice, and they just rock HARD live! One of Rog's fav bands.

FOREIGNER Official Site - The lineup has changed some, but they put on an incredible show. Ex-DOKKEN bassist Jeff Pilson and Jason Bonham on drums has really added to the lineup. Go check them out if you get the chance.

fleetwood mac
FLEETWOOD MAC's official website. One of the most underrated guitarists EVER, Lindsay Buckingham can still CRANK it out. Hit after hit, these guys write great songs.

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The GODSMACK Official site - Aggressive, heavy, catchy, in-your-face rock energy!

great white
The official GREAT WHITE site. Strong sound in 80's rock, and Jack Russell does one of the best Zepplin covers EVER! (He's the reason I don't TOUCH Zep tunes!)

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Official HEART Website - Ann and Nancy Wilson STILL belting it out. I just saw them live when they came to town, and they were AMAZING.

Iron Maiden official site... Nothing more need be said!!

The JIMI HENDRIX official website. A true guitar legend... I don't think it's possible to play/write music without SOME sort of influence coming from this guy. AMAZING to this day.

JOURNEY Official Site - Over 30 years of melodic rock hits that stick in your brain for hours. They just crowned Arnel Pinela new lead singer, and he's a dead ringer for Steve Perry. They are in the process of recording a new CD. They just never lose their touch.

Official JUDAS PRIEST site - it's funny how becoming a musician can make you hear music in a different way. We've always liked this band, but we appreciate them so much more musically now that we know what goes into making tunes. AWESOME.

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Hail to the kings! The official LED ZEPPELIN site. Is there anything else to mention here?

The official site for LOVERBOY. I've always thought Mike Reno had one of the coolest voices in Rock. New CD out ("Just Getting Started") and it's GREAT!

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Official METALLICA site. This band has been through some s**t! I still can't get over some of that "Ride The Lightning" stuff... AWESOME.

The Official MOTLEY CRUE site - lots of cool stuff here, of course! NEW for 2008, don't miss CRUE FEST - Motley Crue, Buckcherry, Papa Roach, SIXX:A.M. and Trapt coming to a city near you this summer!

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OZZY Official Site - The prince of darkness still belting it out.

RIP Dimebag Darrell! These Cowboys from Hell will always kick ass! The official Pantera site!

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Official POISON Web Site - I just saw these guys at Rocklahoma, and they ROCKED. Great show.

The official QUEEN site. As a young dude, I was WAY too immature to get what these guys did. But when I got a bit older, the song-writing really hit me. And those vocals - YEAH! Incredible.

They're Back For More! The official RATT site. One of the most unique sounds to come from the 80's.

REO SPEEDWAGON's official website. Total melodic rock, great soaring vocals, and songs that you could identify with. Always a favorite.

The official website of THE ROLLING STONES. Talk about INSPIRATION? I just hope to be able to SPEAK when I'm this age, let alone make CD's and play sellout rock shows!

THE SCORPIONS Official Website - I don't know anyone who doesn't like this band!

skid row
SKID ROW's official website. Still ROCKIN it hard after a singer transplant. These guys still have a lot so sing about!

Official STYX Website - Man, that Tommy Shaw can SING! This band STILL puts on one hell of a show.

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VAN HALEN Official Website - One of the greatest guitar-rock bands in the world reunites with the original singer! Coming to a city NEAR you!

The official WARRANT website. These guys have always written good songs, and they are still a blast live.

WHITESNAKE's official home on the web! David Coverdale still rockin' out the vocals!

THE WHO's official webpage. Historical masterminds... I didn't fully appreciate the weight of their stuff until later in life, but then it hit pretty hard. Good stuff.


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Joe's Grotto, 13825 N 32nd St # 32, Phoenix, AZ

Lets do this, FRIENDS!!!! It's time to take the stage at The Grotto again to usher in the summer!! Come support local music, and have a blast doing it!!!! We will see y'all there!!!

$5 Cover at the door


Joe's Grotto, 13825 N 32nd St # 32, Phoenix, AZ



Joe's Grotto, 13825 N 32nd St # 32, Phoenix, AZ

HUGE SHOW, FRIENDS!!! We have the BEST shows at Joe's Grotto!!!! Amazing stage, killer lights, great drinks, incredible staff... AND we are opening the show for A PERFECT TOOL (TOOL TRIBUTE BAND)!!!! Make some plans to get out to this show! This is one not to miss!!!!


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