Well, this song SOUNDS like it should be about pure SEX. Love the drive and the groove that Mikee laid down. But the guitar made me feel as though a tale was being told of Love gone BAD, real bad. I think we have ALL been this guy at one time or another. Bummer.


You’re in a graceful state alone in your chair
Too wrapped in Hendrix now to know that I’m there
You speak without a sound in three different tongues
And after 40 days, surprised that I’m numb
The lies of our love sleep between us at night
Tools of infection only add to the fight
Six weeks, or nine, I’d say you’ve done all your time
Enjoy the luxury pretending I’m blind
It’s all that I know
All your life you’re taught to hide from the cold
When icy air moves in your heart hits the road
The silent threats and allegations ensue
Houdini’s talent couldn’t save him from you
Our trust and our faith
Have made their escape
Insane with the pain
And the shame is all that I know