1. Truth

The only original tune written just for this CD, and one of my favorite written with Jon Anderson on guitar. Jon NAILED this tune - aggressive, hard hitting, and a little dark.


She cried, “Boy, I’ve got a tale to share
A circus fills my head, and my dreams are dead
And I’ve lost another day”
Looking back… the hardest cross to bear
The demons make a sound when they hit the ground
He knows they’re on their way
Sinking fast… the final grasp for air
He always tried to hide affection for his bride
And now she’ll never know
The love that’s pure and true
Shots fired… in a world full of pain
Excessive bickering and belittling
The hate lives in his mind
Precious time…the silver lines in her hair
She’ll take the 7:10 somewhere she’s never been
And leave her dog behind
The love that’s pure and true
Man of cloth…the shepherds flock awaits
The dollar takes him well past the gates of hell
His Maker always knew
Gentle hands…. They’ve come to touch the soul
Salty tears to wine, to forgive divine
The love that’s pure and true
The love that’s pure and true