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Copyright 2006 - Written by R. Penton, L. Etchells, D. Hassie, M. Carnicom
IT"S HERE!!! This is a piano version of the ballad "Next to You" from our Dawns Early Life CD, featuring ERIC LEVY from NIGHT RANGER on piano! We hope you LOVE it!!


It’s a silent Sunday morning
Sunlight on your face
The world goes on around us
While you dream in sleeping grace
I'll always feel so lucky
To be the man to hold the key
To a lifetime of tomorrows
And our unknown destiny

I don’t pretend to know it all
But I know this much is true
I'm ooking at forever in your eyes, and I’ll be standing next to you

In a venture to the moon and back,
I’d meet with Father Time
To treasure every second spent
Between your heart and mine
Making memories together
Sharing all your days
I’ll be the one to touch your face
And wipe your tears away

And if the world falls down on you
I’ll be there to pull you through
I can see forever in your eyes – and I’m standing next to you


And if I get to heaven first
I’ll be smiling down on you
I will be forever in your eyes
I promised you forever by your side
I will live forever in your eyes – standing next to you